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Vickybanxx is a Greek social media influencer, model, and actress. Banxx currently has over 4 Million followers on Social Media. Over 1.6 Million followers on Tiktok, 100k on Twitter and 2.1 Million on Instagram.

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Victoria Banxx poses for a Vickypedia photoshoot


Favorite Food: Pasta, Greek Salad

Favorite Music: Anything good. Lol

Favorite Social Media:

TWITTER I have the least amount of followers there but its a fan fav.

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Favorite place to travel: 🇬🇷 Ofcourse lol

Favorite Sport: Volley Ball and Tennis

Favorite Hobby: Making fun and viral content. Meeting new people. 

Traveling or reading a new book.

Also, I love documentaries. My Fav

Whats your Instagram?: It's currently

Favorite Book: Make it Happen by Kevin Liles

Favorite Movie: The NoteBook

Lucky Number: 143


Upcoming Projects: 

Vicky Bikes Review Podcast


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